The YAS Theatre Company, formerly The Whole Theatre Company is committed to producing inventive and exciting published and original works.

We do not have an ongoing season, we are very selective about what is chosen, and only commit to a play if it’s going to be a unique and challenging experience.

The YAS Theatre Company is ever evolving and its members are pulled from the talented adult actors and alumni of Young Actors Space.

Performances take place in The YAS Theatre; a black box space with a seating capacity of 30. In addition to being home to productions by The YAS Theatre Company, the theatre hosts Young Actors Space’s annual Youth Production Conservatory, scene study and improv classes, and is rented out to local productions.

Some past productions by the YAS Theatre Company include the published works Beirut by Alan Bowne, Battery by Daniel Therriault, Almost, Maine by John Cariani, Seascape with Sharks and Dancer by Don Nigro, Beyond Therapy by Christopher Durang, and Below the Belt by Richard Dresser.

In addition, past original productions include Cynics by Patrick Day and Ted Williams, Surrealist Vaudeville Anagram Teet, Mock Notz…A Comedic Freakshow, Lepratons, and Diary of a Madman based on the short story by Nikolai Gogol.



Our Youth Production Conservatory is a fast paced summer workshop for ages 10-17, where child actors from all over the world create an original production in 10 days. It meets Monday through Friday during the summer for two full weeks.

The Conservatory , featured in NoHo Arts, focuses on improvisation and theatre technique, and culminates in the premiere of an original play written specifically for the actors involved, which is performed in the YAS Theatre.

At Conservatory, students can expect to have an original part tailor written for them, highlighting their unique strengths as an actor.

After a few initial table reads and rewrites, the parts are cast and rehearsals begin. The students are directed in their scenes, learn choreography to a small dance number, and participate in the decoration of the set.

All of their hard work culminates in several performances in the YAS Theatre, of which family, friends, and industry professionals are invited to attend.

Watch our students share their Conservatory experiences!