At Young Actors Space our classes are fun! We encourage our students to get out of their heads and into their hearts. Our motto is "Relax. LIsten. React."

We coach our students to reach further than what is normally expected. Anyone can read a scene, but no respected working actor simply reads.

Our students learn to understand the behavior and motivation of a scene through self-exploration, improvisation and relaxation. The goal is for our students to find the truth within the subtext and allow their imaginations to soar.

Within a safe, supportive environment,
we encourage our students to risk, explore, create,
and to believe in the powers of their creativity.

At YAS, we strictly limit our acting class sizes in order to give our students the individual attention they require to develop into working artists. Class sizes vary based on age & subject and can be viewed on the registration page for each class.

Our formula is unique to the entertainment industry, but our model is proven to produce working actors of all ages sought after by agents, producers, directors and casting directors.

At YAS, our classes help students to attain the balance every working actor needs to succeed on set.

Our instructors work as professional directors, writers, casting directors and actors and are passionate about their work.

We appreciate the unique talents and gifts of our students, and formulate our classes to encourage profound growth based on our widely respected experience.

We don't require auditions, orientations or placements.

We believe actors of all background, skill levels, and outlooks bring something unique to the table, and we can all learn from each other. Often times, just like on set, you will find actors who are working professionals doing scenes alongside students who've never performed before. It's all part of the journey.

Young Actors Space is bonded with the
State of California, as required by state law.

Additionally, we have private liability insurance, and each of our instructors have a Child Performers Services Permit from the State. Bond #W150220962.

Our classes and workshops are all described on this page below.

Class audits are available to new students during the first class of each session.

We offer discounts for siblings and also those actors who take multiple classes in one session.

Please view our FAQ for more info about discounts, audits, class rules, make up classes and more.



AGES 5-7

SUNDAY: 11am - 12pm

Our Tykes class helps our youngest actors build confidence and work on focus and discipline. Through storytelling, relaxation, sensory work and play our youngest actors learn to listen, maintain eye contact, trust their imaginations, and gain confidence while having fun.


AGES 8-11

WEDNESDAY: 4:30pm - 6:30pm
SATURDAY: 10am - 12pm
SUNDAY: 1pm - 3pm

Our Children's class covers basic script analysis, objectives, through-lines, and creating truthful performances through improvisation and the use of sensory work. The goal is to get these young actors ready to show up to a set relaxed, confident, secure, and excited to take direction.

*Class meets one day a week. You'll be prompted to choose the 'class day' you prefer during registration.


AGES 12-14

SATURDAY: 3pm - 5pm

Our Young Teen class is geared toward focus, truthful performances through improvisation, cold readings, and breaking down a script. We explore objectives, behavior, relaxation and trust. The goal is to get the young actors comfortable and confident in their own bodies.


AGES 15-17

SATURDAY: 10am - 12:30pm

Our Teen class focuses on finding the writer’s voice through script analysis and making strong specific choices, while remaining open to adjustments and direction.

Our improvisations may be dramatic or comedic but are always based in truth. We encourage our teens to be respectful while remaining uncensored.

Our goal is to get our teens out of their heads and into their hearts.


AGES 18-20


Whether a beginner or an experienced professional, our Young Adult class covers script work, improvisation, staying in the moment, and industry basics. For our seasoned actors, this ever-evolving class will remind you why you fell in love with acting in the first place.


AGES 21+


Our Adult class is for adult actors that are young at heart.  Whether a beginner or seasoned professional, this class covers script work, improvisation, staying in the moment, and industry basics. For our seasoned actors, this ever-evolving class will remind you why you fell in love with acting in the first place.





Work with our expert instructors from the comfort of your own home! Whether you’re located near us in Los Angeles or halfway across the world, you can experience our process-oriented approach toward acting. We’re offering daily classes for actors of all ages, skill levels, and background.



AGES 10-17

SUNDAY: 4pm - 6pm

Our Youth On-Camera class includes on-camera & audition techniques as well as truth based improvisation and scene study. Each actor will be coached, rehearse and shoot scenes in our professionally lit Audition On-Camera Room. Actors will then receive a copy of their best work to send to agents, managers, and casting directors.


AGES 18+

MONDAY: 10am - 12:30pm

Our Adult On-Camera class includes on-camera & audition techniques as well as truth based improvisation and scene study.

Each actor will be coached, rehearse and shoot scenes in our professionally lit Audition On-Camera Room.

Actors will receive a free SD card that fits our camera on the first day of class and walk away with ALL the footage filmed during the session!



AGES 18+

WEDNESDAY: 7pm - 10pm

"Intro to the IPA for Actors" ages 18 to Adult, is a Dialects class that focuses on learning the International Phonetic Alphabet, or IPA, and applying it to the process of mastering a dialect.

Students will learn a 7-step approach towards learning new dialects, using Received Pronunciation (British) as a stepping stone. By the end of this class, you will have the tools and confidence to learn any dialect you wish.

This is not a performance class; rather this is a scholarly approach that ultimately allows actors to teach themselves any dialect or accent through focused study. This class does not offer make-up days.


AGES 18+

WEDNESDAY: 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Join us every week as we explore new dialects together! This is an exploratory class, so each class will be different. The class could spend only a single class on a dialect, or several.

Dialects we choose to work on may be decided by the instructor, or at the suggestion of the students. This is a performance based class where we will create new Lexical Sets for different dialects together. *Must have completed both Dialects A and B to enroll.



AGES 8-11

SUNDAY: 11:00am - 12:30pm

In this four-week workshop young actors will touch on a wide variety of acting skills to add to their toolbox. Day one will be all improvisation; day two will focus on cold-reading a script; day three students will work on a memorized scene; the last class will focus on on-camera technique. Students will also be sent a slate-shot at the end of class.


AGES 10-17

MONDAY - THURSDAY: 10am - 2pmFRIDAY: 10am - 5pm (Actor call times will vary)

This 5 day intensive program includes on-camera & audition technique as well as truth based improvisation and scene study. An original scene will be written specifically for each actor.

They will be coached, rehearse and then finish off the intensive workshop by filming the original scene in our professionally lit On-Camera Room. Actors will then receive their personality slate and scene ready to send to agents, managers, and casting directors.


AGES 10-17

2 FULL WEEKS: See Full Schedule on Registration

Our Production Conservatory is a fast paced summer workshop where actors from all over the world create an original production in 10 days. It meets Monday through Friday for two full weeks.

The Conservatory focuses on improvisation and theatre technique, and culminates in the premiere of an original play written specifically for the actors involved, which is performed in the YAS Theatre.

At Conservatory, students can expect to have an original part tailor written for them, highlighting their unique strengths as an actor.

After a few initial table reads and rewrites, the parts are cast and rehearsals begin. The students will be directed in their scenes, learn choreography to a small dance number, and participate in the decoration of the set.

All of their hard work culminates in several performances in the YAS Theatre, of which family, friends, and industry professionals are invited to attend. 

Learn more about our Summer Workshops & Dialects Classes:


You may CALL US AT (818) 785-7979 (or) FILL OUT OUR AUDIT REQUEST FORM and we'll contact you shortly!