Young Actors Space Attendance Policy:


What is Young Actors Space’s attendance policy?

In an ideal world, students would be able to attend every class in a session they sign up for - but we understand that life happens. For this reason, during a normal 8 – 12 week session we allow up to two expected absences which we can prorate off the total price of class. For classes lasting less than 8 weeks we allow up to one excused absence*. In order to count as an expected absence, you must inform us via email of any absences prior to the start of the session.

An expected absence is any absence you make us aware of prior to the start of the session. An unexpected absence would be any missed classes we were not informed of prior to the start of the session.

If you know you will not be able to attend every class, we kindly ask that you wait for a future session to enroll.

*Makeup classes and prorates are not offered for our Dialects A and Dialects B classes or any Summer Programs.

What if my young actor or myself unexpectedly misses a class due to illness, booking a job, family emergency, etc.? Can I get a refund for those unattended classes?

While we are unable to issue a refund for unexpected absences, we are able to give you credit for the value of no more than one unexpected absence towards a future session.

In order to earn this credit, please make us aware of the unexpected absence as soon as you know you or your young actor will miss class. If you wait until the class is already missed to let us know, or do not inform us at all, we will not offer a credit for the class.

What if I know that my young actor or myself will miss more than two classes during a

We would ask that you delay registering until a future class in order to give that spot to a student who can attend the full session. If our class schedules do not work for you, we also offer private coaching which we can schedule around your availability.

Do you offer make up classes for missed classes?

Yes, please call the office directly at 818-785-7979 to reserve your space in the appropriate make-up class for your age group. If you choose for your young actor to attend the once-per-session makeup class or another appropriate class during the session, you will not receive a prorate or credit.

Ages 5-17: Each session we offer ONE all improv make-up class for ages 5-17. If an actor has an excused absence for something like an audition, illness (doctors note required), or emergency, they are welcome to attend the make-up class. This make-up class is only offered once per session. The date and time for the make-up class are determined during the course of the session. Alternatively, if there are classes that are the same age group running consecutively during the session, actors are welcome to make up their missed class within the same week with instructor permission.

Ages 18+: Young Adults (Ages 18-21) & Adults (21+) who miss a class during a session may make up a missed class in the alternate class offered during that week. (i.e. if you miss Tuesday's class you can make it up on Thursday or vice versa.)